What to Wear with Jeggings [6 Different Attractive Ways]

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A common question that every woman asks while selecting the jeggings or leggings is “what to wear with jeggings.” Most women think to wear the tank top with pumps, patterned leggings or even prepared to replace the actual trousers with the jeggings. But all this sounds nonsense in the current fashion industry. When it comes to jeggings, you need to be very thoughtful as what to wear with them since it represents your personality and choice for fashion. Here, we will be discussing the outfits that may just look perfect with your jeggings.

Wear Jeggings with Patterned Sweaters:

Wear Jeggings with Patterned Sweaters

Image Credit – NCRNI

The coming winter or fall season will be the booming time for these jeggings. Go ahead with a patterned sweater, an oversized blazer or a nice looking jacket. Prefer to use black leather jeggings with these outfits to get the perfect look.

Wear Jeggings with Blazers or Button-Down Blouse:

Wear Jeggings with Blazers or Button Down Blouse

Image Credit – LookBook

Want a simple yet stylish look with the jeggings, then pair your dark black leggings with a contrasted blouse being in white, light pink or any other lighter tone. An oversized blazer with brown laced leather boots will also work just amazing.

Wear Jeggings with Chambray Top:

Wear Jeggings with Chambray Top

Image Credit – April Go Lightly

Besides blazer and classic button-down, chambray top is another best choice to pair with jeggings. Since there is quite a reasonable difference between the jeggings and pants, so leggings should not be paired with short tops, otherwise it would just look odd. While selecting the chambray top, make sure that it’s length should be to mid-thigh.

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Wear Jeggings with Oversized Coat:

Wear Jeggings with Oversized Coat

Image Credit – LookBook

Why do some women rule out the jeggings in extreme winter? Because they don’t know what to pair with them. An oversized fur coat or a big pea coat could be the perfect pair for you and will help you to stay warm this winter.

Wear Jeggings with a Long T-Shirt or a Mini Dress:

Wear Jeggings with a Long T-Shirt or a Mini Dress

Image Credit – Ebay

To look classy, it is not necessary to wear any particular outfit with the jeggings. Any generic, extra long t-shirt in a vibrant pattern or a loose mini dress with ankle boots can look just awesome and make you presentable.

Wear Jeggings with Neutral Printed Shirts:

Wear Jeggings with Neutral Printed Shirts

Image Credit – Mail Online

Pairing jeggings with simple or patterned shirts can give you a great look, but avoid using neon prints. Tie dye designed fashionable jeggings with muted coloured blouse or shirt would truly enhance your look.

So what do you think, what would you prefer to wear with jeggings this season?