Top UK Hair Stylists You’ll Love to Know About

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Presenting an appealing personality is the requirement and desire of every other individual. Not all people focus on the hair styling, many of them lay emphasis on the cleansing of a face and body structure. For them, hair styling seems fine only when it is not horrible and should only be used on formal gatherings. That’s right, some hair stylists may not work best, but most of them are just outstanding. Such a viewpoint towards the hair style may end up an opportunity of making the personality more adorable by not choosing the right hair stylist.

Creating a great hair style that can make you look gorgeous and stand out from the crowd is a gift bestowed on some of the hair stylists only. Here, we are going to discuss the top hair stylists of the UK that entirely transforms your appearance.


Andrew Barton: One of the UK’s most renowned hair stylist, Andrew Barton has enhanced global magazines for their cover photo and editorial, while his personality has been exhibited in numerous TV shows across the world. Prominent celebrities have to reserve their timings in advance in shape of appointments at his remarkable salon due to his busy schedules. Andrew works diligently to come up with new and innovative hair styles and he is recognized due to his unique hairstyling offers.

Andrew Barton
Anita Cox: By starting her career as a trainee with Beverley C, Anita has voyaged all over the Australia, USA, Europe and Far East for taking part in some of the most renowned hair style seminars and events. Later on, she joined Schwarzkopf and made continuous excursions throughout the world to teach and exhibit latest colouring techniques and newest cutting methods. Afterwards, Anita Cox started her own brand and won awards as British Colourist of the Year in 2000 and 2002. To her collection, she also added L’Oreal Colour Trophy in 2001.

Thomas and Anita


Arif Velji: Arif, a leading name in the hair styling industry, began his career in the early 20’s. Due to his creativity and passion for making unique hair styles, he has got a fame in the fashion shows. Most of the fashion shows are not only just outstanding, but their incomes have been offered to the charities and communities. Having an experience of more than 15 years in the fashion, dance and theater, Arif has creative approach towards all these domains, therefore, he has created a distinctive philosophy with a signature style and educational approach.

Being educated from Canada, England and East Africa, Arif holds a collection of education, which represents exclusivity of several cultures and array of expertise in the fashion world. Having a wide experience in hair styling, he is running his own business as a hair stylist and hair replacement expert.

Arif Velji

Marco Arena: Being a top artist at the national and international level, Marco Arena offers training services for hair care, styling, colour and salon business in seminars in Germany. As a stage artist, he exhibits the latest trends that are going on in the hair industry at national occasions. He is also a part of international Redken projects and photo shootings. Numerous celebrities and VIPs have been stylized at the red carpet events in Germany. Being the most preferred hair stylist among the wider audience, Marco and his team has a perfect know how of hair style trends and they add loads of creative energy to give the best styles.

Marco Arena

Tracy Hayes: A leading name in the colouring industry, Tracy Hayes provides unique and fantastic hair colours in fashion to enhance the appearances in the international shows. Having a wider experience in counselling and tutoring the specialized colouring teams, she has also played a crucial role in the development and delivery of the popular Vidal Sassoon seasonal collections. She has a passion for travelling in which she visualizes the whole world in colours, so she stupendously interprets it back in her work.

She frequently visits galleries and exhibitions. Most of the time is spent out working in trendy salon or school Saco because her clientele heavily relies on providing top colouring techniques with a sharp fashion edge.