Why Different Fashion Styles Are Preferred

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When it comPoetic-Necklaces to fashion, especially the fashion dresses, we just mean the dressing that we carry including the shoes, handbags, fashion jewelry and other appurtenances.

To whatever the event it may be, your fashion style as per the occasion and existing trend represent your sense of dressing and taste. It is not essential that all people follow the same fashion style. The styles may vary according to each person, event and other reasons like the gender, the age of the individual, interest, taste, budget and condition of the environment.

While talking about the teenagers, the fashion style that they follow or prefer to use is entirely different from the ones that are observed by the adults. Youngsters or teens are more inclined to follow the fashion trends that are portrayed in movies, magazines, newspapers or somewhat followed by the friends or famous celebrities. Since colourful clothing and the matching accessories indicate a full of life element that is entirely inverse of what the adults prefer to wear. Use of conventional colours is quite common in the adults particularly at work because it looks formal and more decent. Hair styles also differ according to the age and are given extra attention as to what hair style would work best at the formal occasions.


Once we talk about the food, naturally the taste also differs just like the shoes, clothing and other stuff. Bracelets, rings, earrings, necklaces and bangles are one of those accessories that every woman love to have in her wardrobe. Matching this stuff with the outfit is common among women. Making a fashion statement that keeps them looking decent and elegant is what all women desire. Representing the personality in such a way signifies their perception of trend and fashion taste.
To what gender do we belong makes a big difference in terms of fashion trends. It is evident from kaboompics.com_Female Hand with Jewelerythe fact that boys do not wear the stuff that girls do. All this also applies to the men and women. The gender is the main reason why dressing actually differs.

When talking about the budget, we should never forget that it contributes significantly to the people’s styles. The ones with the higher budgets allocate a considerable amount to buy the clothing and other stuff to show their fashion style. Whereas people with limited or tight budgets opt for the creativity and other initiative that could make them look trendy and sophisticated.

The environmental conditions have a great influence on the people’s fashion style. In summer, we cannot use fabric with thick stuff or somewhat fancy material. Naturally, we would prefer to have the clothing that is lighter in weight and shows sophistication. When it comes to parties, we have to dress up in costumes that match with the theme of the gathering or event, thus bringing ourselves out of the comfort zone.

To give yourself trendy and classic look does not always mean that you have to follow the latest fashion style. At times, you have to consider your personality to make yourself look perfect while following the same fashion style. I suggest that instead of emphasising on movies, celebrities and magazines, we should opt for the fashion trend that suits us well.